Remote Monitoring and Control of Robots provides technology that allows you to remotely monitor and control robots, autonomous vehicles, and IoT devices from anywhere in the world, with low-latency and high-reliability.

Existing tools don’t work well when devices and robots are in the field, miles away, and on a different network.

That’s where we can help.

You can install the bThere client on your robot in minutes. We’ll proxy telemetry and video from the robot, through firewalls, to our servers in the cloud. You can log in to the bThere website to securely connect to your robots. You can view video and telemetry: GPS location, speed, battery levels, whatever.

You can drive your robot via input on the web page. We’ll send control messages down to the robot. You can configure buttons to send custom commands like emergency stop, ring a bell, turn on a light, etc.

You can even log in to your robot. You can open a secure shell directly in the web page, connected to your robot. You can then view logs, start and stop processes, download new software.

You can do all of this whether your robot is two miles away or on the other side of the planet.

We’ve built the services to be secure, reliable, scalable, and low latency. We’ve got years of experiences building highly scalable services at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle. We’re bringing our internet services expertise to help you, the robot developer build solutions faster.

If you’d like to join our beta send us an email at

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